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BOOK REVIEWS for ‘HEALING STORIES FOR CHALLENGING BEHAVIOUR’ Susan Perrow has developed the art of pedagogical stories to a luminescent degree. In her beautiful book she offers dozens of stories, some her own, some traditional and retold by her. Each story carries with it the seed of healing for just about any childhood problem, from unruly behavior to deep grieving. Her voice is one of warmth and caring, her stories are richly engaging to young and old alike. Having her book at hand is like having a medicine chest filled with homeopathic remedies for all conditions - and, like homeopathy, Susan's stories are guaranteed to produce no unwanted side effects. Healing Stories includes chapters on creating stories and on the art of storytelling, as well as stories selected for their ability to heal. This is a resource that is so vast in its usefulness that we predict it will become one of the most sought after parent/teacher resources ever printed. Thirsty for more! - Since reading this book, I have gone from being a story-time reader to story teller. I have used Susan Perrow's stories with my son, family, friends, and in the classroom. Her book has been instrumental in helping me to understand the power of storytelling and the benefits. The stories are very satisfying to the listener and when the children see me again, they ask for another story. On my end, storytelling does not come naturally. The tips on successful story telling and how to create your own stories have been especially useful. Sunflower Garden


Anonymous said...

This book is great! It should be a staple in every family bookcase. Their are stories for so many challenging behaviors as well as challenging situations! Also, lots of info on creating your own stories. I love Susan and I adore this book. It isnt that it is magic and you read and the issue disolves, but through the repetition of reading and rereading (telling), it really 'takes the edge off'any particulaar siduation. And seems to shed insight to the grown up reading on why the sid is/was as it was. Its like a montra for a siduation.

Thanks for sharing your invaluable gift!!!

evita said...

This book is a manual for families and teachers alike. It embraces many cultures and backgrounds and is written from the heart and creative mind of a very inspiring educator and person. Susan's book is now in my survival tool box on my journey as a parent, teacher and storyteller.
Eve Hofstetter
Silver Tree Stories

Christina said...

I loved this book! It's lovely to see cultural variations of 'old favourites' like The Enormous Turnip! Such variations inspire confidence in storytelling through using stories we know well or love and adapt them to our own/ our children's situations. The 'story grid' feel is an advanced tool for those who are comfortable with storytelling...using the grid can help us to develop stories to meet the challenges of guiding children through their early developmental journey. The grandmother and the donkey story was my favourite...and loved by my small children...they often pick up litter on our country walks. After hearing this story my son commented on one of the walks 'we're helping nature's child aren't we mummy?' Thanks Susan for some wonderful story moments x

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